What is [Shipyard]{acronym-label=”Shipyard” acronym-form=”singular+short”}?

"Composable Docker Management

Built on the Docker cluster management toolkit Citadel, [Shipyard]{acronym-label=”Shipyard” acronym-form=”singular+short”} gives you the ability to manage Docker resources including containers, hosts and more.

According to Shipyard, it differs from other management applications in that it promotes ‘composability’. At the core, Shipyard only manages Docker (containers, etc). However, using "Extension Images" you can add functionality such as application routing and load balancing, centralised logging, deployment and more. You decide which components to use that fit your needs."

Shipyard setup

Shipyard runs in Docker, so it’s very easy to setup and get it running.

docker run -i -t -v /var/run/docker.sock:/docker.sock shipyard/deploy setup