digraph G

graph[compound=true, overlap=false, ranksep="0.5", nodesep="0.9"];

node [shape=hexagon, style="filled,rounded", fontname="Verdana", fontsize=14];

subgraph EXTERNAL node [fillcolor=lightyellow]; info [shape=underline, label="The Vanity URL change flow", fillcolor=lightgrey]

subgraph main

node [fillcolor=lightblue];

start [label="START", shape=oval, fillcolor=palegreen]; done [label="DONE", shape=oval, fillcolor=palegreen]; rejected [label="REJECTED", shape=oval, fillcolor=red];

checkurl [label="Is there already the URL?", shape=diamond, fillcolor=lightyellow]; righturl [label="Is it going to correct URL?", shape=diamond, fillcolor=lightyellow]; isitsimple [label="Is the simple, /vanityurl ?", shape=diamond, fillcolor=lightyellow]; alreadyinaem [label="Is the already AEM?", shape=diamond, fillcolor=lightyellow]; removefromvarnish [label="Dev needs to the redirect varnish", shape=box, fillcolor=lightpink]; addtovarnish [label="Dev needs to the redirect varnish", shape=box, fillcolor=lightpink]; portalsupport [label="Portal Support to add/update redirect AEM", shape=box, fillcolor=lightblue];

start -> checkurl; checkurl -> righturl [label="YES"]; checkurl -> isitsimple [label="NO"]; righturl -> done [label="YES"]; righturl -> alreadyinaem [label="NO"]; alreadyinaem -> portalsupport [label="YES"]; alreadyinaem -> removefromvarnish [label="NO"]; alreadyinaem -> rejected [label="The vanity URL already for purpose"]; removefromvarnish -> isitsimple; isitsimple -> portalsupport [label="YES"]; isitsimple -> addtovarnish [label="NO"]; portalsupport -> done; addtovarnish -> done;