Gatling Recorder

a proxy that records requests and creates a simple simulation in Scala.

to run the recorder application, run bin/

Network options

HTTP proxy If you need to set an outbound proxy enter the details here. Most of the time you can leave this blank.

HAR converter...

Simulation information

In ‘simulation information’ you should set a package name (as in Java package name), and probably change the class name to something descriptive (Java class name, rules apply).

Various tick-boxes change simulation behaviour.


This is where the Scala class will be saved.


You can have no filters(disabled) or white/black lists using regex.

‘No static resources’ adds blacklist items for images, js, and css. js css gif jpeg jpg ico woff ttf otf png

Recording the simulation

Before you start, you can get the recorder to save preferences. Hit start and the recorder will begin proxying.

It’ll run until you hit stop & save. Make some requests and it will log them.