Reporting: Quick "Site" Build

The site report has all the information from the enabled plugins such as Findbugs, Checkstyle, Cobertura, as well as Javadocs.

Building this is trivial, although it can take some time to process. Using the ‘site’ goal will give you a local copy of the reports.

mvn site -Ddependency.locations.enabled=false

# by 'staging' the site, it makes it available locally
mvn site site:stage -Ddependency.locations.enabled=false   

You should now be able to browse the project ‘target’ folder and find the reports.

This is quite useful done as part of a Jenkins CI build as it makes the reports available in the project workspace.


This can be invoked from maven with a custom xml ruleset:

mvn checkstyle:checkstyle -Dcheckstyle.config.location=./google-checkstyle.xml

The results from the checkstyle report are put into the ./target folder for the project.