You’ve heard of Hungarian Notation? Now try the ‘logical’ progression from this, Reverse Hungarian! Instead of starting the name with the type, end with type.

For simplicity, here’s a lightweight list of types. In the true spirit of this naming scheme, feel free to add and adapt these however you see fit.

  • i - interface
  • o - object class
  • n - number
  • t - text
  • c - currency
  • d - date
  • m - method/function


  • Personi
  • Managero
  • Employeo
  • Customero
  • Namet
  • Agen
  • pricec
  • dated

Some lovely method names:

  • savem
  • deletem
  • loadem
  • initialisem
  • getSelectedActionTypem
  • randomum

Replace vowels if needed for readability.

  • Vehicli
  • Bicyclo
  • Caro
  • Trucko

Add a ‘e’ or ‘u’ to further increase pronunciation. Avoid real words.

  • counten
  • speeden
  • xun, yun
  • cityet
  • descriptionet
  • emailen
  • timestamped

As you can see this is a great improvement on undecorated naming conventions, and far superior to regular Hungarian Notation in all the ways that really matter.

Benefits of this new and exciting naming system include:

  • having names that are easier to sort and locate by order and yet have type information embedded
  • not confusing them with real words
  • being able to find type with a simple regex
  • they are pronouncable, so you can have real conversation about them
  • they aren’t actual words so search and replace doesn’t affect real text such as labels if you are careful
  • they add colour and flair to your code, making it faster to learn and remember what things are